Fusion Dance Artist


Offering workshops and classes in a variety of styles from Beginner to Advanced.
All weekly classes are held at Sultans Choice Dance Studio in Red Deer, AB.

    This yoga-fusion based class is a holistic group exercise class, designed for the female body. Come and experience your Shakti rising as we warm up from our base chakra up to the crown, followed by a beautiful, fluid, succession of soft dance movement and yoga poses. This class will ensure you maintain a larger range of motion in your joints, while keeping your muscles soft and flexible.
    MONDAYS @ 6pm
  2. Oriental Fusion 1
    This beginner class is designed to get you moving in a momentum based dance class. You will learn the basics of dance, timing, and musicality, while learning the nuances of Oriental Dance. We will learn basic traveling steps, rippling soft arm and hand movement techniques, and a couple basic Arabic rhythms that will have you dancing in no time.
    MONDAYS @ 715pm
  3. Datura Style Technique
    This multi-level will feed your desire to be challenged. Isolations, traveling steps, stacking, rhythms, structured improvisation, and zils; some days at the same time! Working on technique and expression, stamina and endurance - this class is designed to take your abilities to the next level and beyond. Class is suitable for all levels.
    WEDNESDAYS @ 715pm
  4. Datura Style Combinations
    Datura Style is a beautiful tribal fusion format created by Rachel Brice, based off of several different styles based in North America, as well as Egypt. With creative steps and combinations that can be used in both improvisational dance, as well as choreography, this earthy format is fun to dance and a pleasure to watch. Come and join Crystal-Lynne in learning the coveted Datura Style Format in this intermediate/multi-level class.
    THURSDAYS @ 645pm
  5. Tribal Style L1
    Tribal Style is a westernized extension of belly dance that focuses on improvised group dancing. Come out and learn the basics steps, learn the cues for transitions, and experience the joy and excitement that comes with improvised movement. This class also provides and introduction to playing finger cymbals, or zils, which add percussion while we dance, adding to our love of dance and musicality!
    WEDNESDAYS @ 6pm